Ted West


Ted West

Writing Archive

A sampling of Ted West's writing over the years.


Instruments of War — Sport

As wars go, Le Mans 1967 was definitive:
Goliath 1, David 0.

Grandee Grand Prix

The filthy rich find a place to drive kind of fast.
(And yes, we’re jealous.)

A Moveable War — Sport

Our embedded journalist reports from the 240 Hours of Le Mans. Roger that: 240 hours.

Warning: Vikings at Play

In Iceland, crowds thrill to the perfect face plant.


For many years, Ted was a contributor to Boating Magazine. Among other things, he wrote fictional boating-related mysteries, using the real-life experiences of professional marine investigators working in various parts of the U.S.—and often in foreign countries.

Sam Slade, Marine Investigator, In The Case Of: The Boat That Wouldn't Sink

The Bad Samaritan

Boat theft in Three-D—debt, drugs and divorce.

Snows Of The Caribbean

A blizzard in the Gulf Stream makes for heavy sledding . . .